CBF Field Personnel

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Steve and Annette

Ministers for Refugees from Burma

CBF Global Missions field personnel since 2006, Steve Clark and Annette Ellard serve as ministers for refugees from Burma in Louisville, Kentucky.  Steve and Annette welcome the Karen, Chin, Karenni and others from Burma while encouraging others to build relationships with these refugees and partner in ministries to meet their spiritual and physical needs. 

A Ministry of Availability 

Theirs is a hands-on ministry of availability, sharing the love of God through pastoral care, social work, crisis management, advocacy and consulting to refugees from Burma and those who seek to serve them.  Steve and Annette strive to be the presence of Christ by making themselves available in the greatest celebrations and most trying struggles of refugees’ lives—leading in prayers and preaching when folks gather to worship God in thanks for a birthday, new house or healing from sickness, and offering comfort in times of medical emergency, family crises or community tragedy.  

And, Steve and Annette bring the message of Christ to refugees who are not Christians by helping in times of need and by sharing the Gospel with every opportunity God provides.  By loving mercifully and advocating for justice in all areas of refugees’s lives, Steve and Annette hope that all might live the full life that Christ promises in John 10:10.  


Location, Location, Location

For those who struggle with English, unfamiliar social systems and cultural differences, small problems often become big problems.  Through the Hope Rising Ministry Center, Steve and Annette, together with volunteers, seek to address problems before they become crises. 

 Having a ministry center in the community where most refugees from Burma live has been a dream of Steve and Annette for several years.  Now, with the Hope Rising Ministry Center, they are able to offer easy access to help with a wide variety of tasks.  

 Since launching in June 2017, the center has been open Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm, assisting families and individuals with such things as filling important documents, scheduling appointments, connecting folks to critical resources, reading mail, contacting government and other agencies, and offering prayer and encouragement.   


 You Can Help

Eight people volunteering three hours once a month would provide a helper each day the center is open.  You can help! No prior experience necessary.  Training provided.  

Call Steve at (502) 435-7670 or Annette at (502) 500-1172, or emailsteve.annette@yahoo.com to volunteer at the Hope Rising Ministry Center. 


Prayer Requests 

·       Pray for the Hope Rising Ministry Center, volunteers and all those who come for help. 

·       Pray for strength for those who have lost hope.

·       Pray for the expansion of ministry among peoples from Burma.

·       And pray for Steve and Annette, that God will give them courage, energy and patience to be the presence of Christ every day.


Scarlette Jasper

Olive Branch Ministries, McCreary County, Kentucky

Commissioned as a missionary by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in 2014, Scarlette Jasper serves in areas of persistent poverty in South Central and Southeastern Kentucky and Scott County Tennessee.  She serves among the homeless population and working poor, families in medical crisis, survivors of domestic violence, the elderly and disabled, and families in financial crisis.  Scarlette’s ministry interfaces with CBF’s Together for Hope Initiative. 

Scarlette is married to C. Brian Jasper, a songwriter and musician. They have three children;  Roger (and Jessica) Jasper, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Layla (and Aaron) Padgett, Columbia, Missouri, and Amoreena Jasper, Somerset, Kentucky. They are the proud grandparents of Paul and Anna Jasper.  Scarlette was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but has lived from Florida to Alaska. After living here over 30 years,  she considers Kentucky her home.


Scarlette has been involved in non-profit work for over 30 years.  She has served in leadership positions locally and nationally for various organizations. She has also served in various positions at church including Sunday school, VBS, ACTEENS, and Youth Minister. Scarlette is the Director of Olive Branch Ministries, Inc., a 501 C 3 nonprofit based in Somerset, Kentucky.  Major projects are Christmas Boxes for Appalachia, Back to School event, literacy walks, nutrition education, and financial literacy as well as partnering with CBF KY for Extreme Build in McCreary County. Scarlette is a student at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky pursuing her Master of Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Scarlette was ordained in May 2016 and was the recipient of the Baptist Women in Ministry 2018 Addie Davis Award for Outstanding Leadership in Pastoral Ministry.  Scarlette would love to come and share with your congregation, mission groups, or Sunday school classes about her work and CBF Global Missions. Scarlette must raise her own program and project support.  To find out more or to donate to Scarlette’s ministry visit:  https://www.classy.org/campaign/scarlette-jasper/c103225 or olivebranchministriesky.org


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Karen in North Africa

Karen is a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel appointed to pastoral ministry with migrants and refugees in North Africa. She is partnering with local churches as they minister to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the migrant community.

Karen was commissioned to serve in June 2018 and will transition to North Africa at the end of the summer. She will spend the first two years investing in building relationships and skills that will equip her to serve effectively in the local context, including enrolling in intensive language courses. Your support will help her roots grow deep into the beloved community in North Africa as she joins with others to bear witness to the love of Jesus Christ.