Disaster Relief

Although not a disaster relief organization, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship responds when major disasters strike around the world through its own resources or through partner organizations. When gift-in-kind donations are helpful in disaster relief, the Fellowship serves as a clearinghouse, matching a donor with a need in the disaster zone. Frequently, the Fellowship establishes a designated fund, where individuals and churches can financially contribute to relief for a specific disaster. When volunteers are needed, the Fellowship invites individuals and groups to apply for various service opportunities in the disaster zone.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's model for response ministry is to be a long-term presence, helping communities recover and rebuild. This is most notably seen in CBF's response to the Asian tsunami in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In both areas, the Fellowship spent years helping individuals and communities rebuild.  This year, CBF continues to work to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. For more information about how you can organized your church to help, to to www.cbf.net.

CBF Kentucky Disaster Relief

CBF Kentucky is a member of Kentucky VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster).  KBF has been active in responding to events such as the Louisville flood of 2009, the ice storm of 2008, Hurricane Gustav, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  For more information about how you can organized your church to help, go to www.cbf.net.