Re-Imagining Faith For America & The World



In every age, Christians have sought to bear witness to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ while translating it into radically different cultural, political, and social contexts. New forms of the body of Christ emerge from theologians, pastors, artists, and those confronting practical issues of living the faith. These varied expressions anticipate the church described in Scripture as “a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb.” Faithfully re-imagining our lives before the throne of Christ, the unmoving center of our community, is essential for all who hope in the Kingdom of God.

Schedule of Speakers and Sessions

Thursday, January 9, 2014 

1- 2:10 PM

Plenary with Dr. Molly Marshall


2:30-3:45 PM

Concurrent Sessions

Session 1A

  • Joseph Blosser, Director of Service Learning and Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy, High Point University — “Applying Faith at Work: A Study in Christian Ethics”
  • Roger Jasper, Pastor, Living Faith Baptist Fellowship — “Reimaging Circumcision, Sexuality, and Covenant”

Session 1B

  • Meredith Holladay, Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation, First Baptist Church — “Protest, Dissent and Proclamation: The Prophetic Imagination of Popular Music”
  • Mark Humphrey, Associate Professor and Department Chairperson, Music Department, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor — “The Kingdom of God is Like: Metaphor as a Model for Worship”

Session 1C

  • Paavo Tucker, Graduate Student, Asbury Theological Seminary — “The Agrarian Rhetoric of the Sages: Farmers and their Markets in Proverbs”
  • The Rev. Marshall Jolly, Priest-in-Charge, Grace Episcopal Church, and Clint Jones, Doctoral Student/Teaching Assistant, University of Kentucky — “Re-Examining the Concept of Stewardship: Coal Production and the Importance of a New Christian Context for Appalachia”


4:00 – 5:15 PM

Concurrent Sessions

Session 2A

  • Will Samson, Executive Director, The Seminary Stewardship Alliance — “Christian Communities as Centers of Moral Formation”

Session 2B

  • David Doty, Writer and Editor, Eden’s Bridge — “Church Outside the Walls: The Global Growth and Meaning of Marketplace Ministries”
  • Callie Smith, Preaching-Artist-in-Residence, Studio Ninety-Six, Christian Theological Seminary — “Preaching Beyond the Church: Re-Imagining Sacred Rhetoric Through Extra-Ecclesial Settings”

Session 2C

  • Joseph Kelly, Graduate Student, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Charles Halton, Faculty, Department of Classics and Biblical Languages, Houston Baptist University —  “Reimagining OT Ethics”
  • Mark Keffer, Associate Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church — “Cultivating Spiritual Disciplines in a Consumer Culture”

Dinner Break

7 PM

Plenary with Dr. Walter Brueggemann


Friday, January 10, 2014

 9:00-10:10 AM

Plenary with Dr. Stephanie Paulsell


10:30-11:45 AM

Concurrent Sessions

Session 3A

  • Adam Glover, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Winthrop University — “Poetry and Praise: Some Reflections from Spain and Latin America”
  • Wilson Dickinson, Associate Dean for Religious Life, Transylvania University — “Re-Imagining Truth: Recovering the Sacred Character of Study”

Session 3B

  • Carl Gilbert, Dean, College of Sciences, Professor of Biology, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor — “Benefits of a Diverse Faculty Perspective on the Topic of Evolution in a Christian University Biology Program”
  • Josh Reeves, Faculty, Philosophy and Religion Department, Eastern Kentucky University — “Towards a Theology of Institutions”

Session 3C

  • Kevin Gushiken, Teaching Pastor, Harvard Avenue Evangelical Free Church — “Factors that Influence Ethnic Identity Change Among First, 1.5, or Second-Generation Adult Immigrants in a Multiethnic Church”
  • David Ngong, Assistant Professor of Religion and Theology, Stillman College— “Protesting the Cross: Towards an African Pentecostal Christology”

Lunch Break

1:00- 2:10 PM 

Plenary with Dr. Miroslav Volf

2:30- 3:45 PM

Concurrent Sessions

Session 4A

  • Joao Chaves, Doctoral Student, Baylor University, Adjunct Faculty, Baptist University of the Américas — “For an Evangelical-Liberationist Faith: The Partnership Between Postconservative Evangelicalism and Liberation Theology”
  • Gary Greer — “How the Crusades Continue to Misshape Christian Attitudes toward Muslims and a New Way Forward

Session 4B

  • Chuck Queen, Senior Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church — “How and Why Christian Faith Must Change and What a Local Pastor Can Do”
  • Kristopher Norris , Graduate Student, University of Virginia — “How Churches Engage (and Avoid) Politics”


4:00-5:00 PM

Plenary with Concluding Panel (Drs. Marshall, Paulsell, Brueggemann, and Volf)

Closing Remarks and Farewell