Extreme Build XI

Contact Rhonda Blevins, rhonda@kybf.org, or call 502-426-1931 if you plan to join us!

Join us for Extreme Build XI in McCreary County, Kentucky! 

Esther McCartt and Geneva Yancey are cousins who were raised like sisters. Geneva’s parents bought property in McCreary County when she was an infant. When Esther’s father passed away, she and her mother moved into the Yancey home to be closer to family. Esther and Geneva have been together ever since. Geneva worked in Somerset as an LPN for years, and eventually purchased the family homestead from her siblings in 2010. She and Esther have lived there since. On a December Wednesday in 2012, as the two were getting ready to go to church, the house caught fire and significant damage to the home was sustained. Before Extreme Build XI, the old family home will be demolished, thanks to a generous grant. Then we will come alongside Esther and Geneva to build a new house. Make plans now to participate in Extreme Build XI, June 12-18, 2016.