Those who serve in leadership positions with CBF Kentucky are nominated to serve by partner churches and individuals. The past moderator of the CBF Kentucky enlists these people to serve and they are elected by the voting body at the annual Spring Gathering of CBF Kentucky. 

The Coordinating Council meets three times a year; March, CBF Kentucky Spring Gathering (April) and August. Additional meetings for work groups are held separately in person or by conference call. 


Executive Committee of the Coordinating Council

Moderator:  David Graham (Laity, First Baptist, Morehead)
Moderator-Elect: Beth Parker (Clergy, FBC Middlesboro)
Past Moderator: Amanda Standiford (Clergy, Lexington Avenue Baptist, Danville)
Secretary: Elaine Williams (Laity, Third Baptist, Owensboro)
Treasurer: Robert Davis (Laity, Highland Baptist Church, Louisville)
Administrative Chair: Tim Hobbs, (Clergy, Community, Henderson)
Missions Chairs: Alix Davidson Keller (Clergy, Broadway, Louisville)
Ministries Chair: Alex Lockridge (Clergy, First Baptist, Corbin)


Administrative Work Group

Tim Hobbs, CHAIR (Clergy, Community Baptist, Henderson, 2020)                                   

John Crenshaw (Laity, First Baptist, Bowling Green, 2019)

Tim Hargrove (Laity, First Baptist, Middletown, 2021)

Dartanya Hill (Clergy, West End Baptist, Louisville, 2022)

Amber Inscore Essick (Port Royal, Turners Station, 2020)

Amanda Langlands (Clergy, Faith Baptist, Georgetown, 2021)

Dwight Lovan (Laity, First Baptist, Frankfort, 2022)

Omer Middleton, III (Clergy, St. Steven Baptist, Louisville, 2019)

Amanda Standiford (Clergy, Lexington Avenue, Danville, 2019)

Pam Staples (Laity, Salem Baptist, Morgantown, 2021)

Bob Wilder (Laity, Latonia Baptist, Fort Mitchell, 2019)



Alix Davidson Keller, CHAIR (Laity, Broadway Baptist, Louisville, 2019) 

Rusty Cherry (Laity, St. Matthews Baptist, Louisville, 2020)

Bob Edinger (Laity, First Baptist Church, Middlesboro, 2021)

Scott Garreen (Laity, St. Matthews Baptist, Louisville, 2022)

Bill Genet (Clergy, Third Baptist, Owensboro, 2021)

Elaine Greer (Clergy, First Baptist, Frankfort, 2020)

Tyler Johnson (Clergy, First Baptist, Williamsburg, 2022

Justin Sizemore (Clergy, Calvary, Lexington, 2021)

Stephen Summers (Laity, Calvary Baptist, Lexington, 2022)

Todd Toole (Clergy, Mercy Church, Hebron, 2021)

Erica Evans Whitaker (Clergy, Buchel Park, Louisville, 2019)

Ministries Work Group

Alex Lockridge, CHAIR (Clergy, First Baptist, Corbin, 2021)

Glenn Armstrong (Clergy, Beaver Dam Baptist, Beaver Dam, 2019)

Carrie Bearden, CBF Ministries Council, (Laity, Buechel Park, Louisville)

Wes Carter (Laity, Campbellsville, 2019) 

Mark Johnson (Clergy, Central Baptist, Lexington, 2020)

Shelia Klopfer, (Clergy, Georgetown Baptist, Georgetown, 2020)

Lindsay Lowe (Laity, First Baptist, Corbin, 2020)

Lauren McDuffie (Clergy, First Baptist, Morehead, 2020)

Alice Mull (Laity, Living Faith Baptist, Elizabethtown, 2022)

Alice Tremaine (Clergy, First Baptist, Corbin, 2021)

Liza Zahalka (Clergy, Big Springs Bloomfield Presbyterian Trinity Baptist, Bloomfield, 2022)  



CBF National Coordinating Council Members from KentuckyKentucky elects three representatives to serve on the National Coordinating Council of CBF in Atlanta to coordinate and plan with the staff.                                                                                                              
Jim Cobban (Clergy, Middletown Baptist, Louisville)                                                           Emily Holladay (Clergy, Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville)
Carrie Bearden (Laity, Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville)