10th Anniversary Extreme Build - 2015

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by Laura Barclay,
KBF Communications, Networking, and Interim Missions Associate

The 10th Anniversary Extreme Build went amazingly well! We ran ahead of schedule the whole week due to some incredibly hard working volunteers. We had around 115 volunteers making this happen, and a large number of youth and women. Youth from Faith Baptist Church helped level the yard, paint the shed, and decorate the mailbox while youth from First Baptist Church of Middlesboro arrived on Dedication Day to do landscaping, caulking, and cleaning. Young adults from Community Baptist Church in Henderson helped all week with painting and siding.

Veteran volunteer foreman Steve Holm of St. Matthew's Baptist Church stated that he believed this was the best build yet due to the property, weather, and volunteers. Team Leaders Andrea Ensor and Suzanne Lee of First Baptist Church of Middlesboro helped teach and place volunteers around the site throughout the week, while fellow church member and nurse, Bob Eddinger, made sure everyone stayed hydrated and provided care for scrapes and bug bites. 

Jan Causey of Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville led the paint crew off-site painting doors and trim and on-site painting walls in pretty eggshell and lavender colors. We were so far ahead that we didn't even have to do our usual all-night painting or flooring parties! CBF Field Personnel Scarlette Jasper hunted down furnishings, painted, arranged for music to entertain volunteers, and did just about anything needed to get us down the home stretch. Sharon Davis of Broadway Baptist Church has served as Volunteer Coordinator for 10 years and kept track of volunteers, recruited churches to bring lunch to the site, and took charge of landscaping among many other duties. Work finished every night in time for dinner, fellowship and prizes at First Baptist Church of Whitley City! 

Speaking of dinner, the food crew, led by Becky Colliver of Central Baptist Church of Lexington, rose before dawn to cook and provide breakfast, helped serve lunch donated by churches, and prepared dinner for volunteers at night. Their ministry kept volunteers fed, healthy, and strong! A special upcoming feature on their work will reveal Becky's secret recipes!

We simply could not do this without the hard work of volunteers, generous donations from partner churches, and partnership of non-profits. This is truly a miracle of partnerships. The fruit of that partnership incredible. Not only do we build a house for a family every year, but we also build strong intergenerational relationships across our fellowship that allow us to teach a new generation missions and a useful set of skills.  Thank you for being a part of this work!

The KBF Mission Work Group meets in August to discuss what's next for Extreme Build. We hope you will join us for Extreme Build's next steps (more info to come soon)!

Click here for additional pictures from Extreme Build 2015!

Extreme Build 2014: Dedication Day

It's finished! Time to celebrate!



by Laura Barclay, KBF Communications, Networking, and Interim Missions Associate

Saturday, June 14, was a very special day! Work wrapped up on the house and around 11:30 am. Glen Meade of First Baptist Shepherdsville guided us to an end on the landscaping work, placing vibrant hastas and archangels around the house. Steve Holm ran around the house directing volunteers to finish last minute tasks like cleaning, placing window screens in the frames, and tossing out scraps of wood. The deck steps and the shed door were some of the last jobs finished, with work halting as KBF partner church Cornerstone Fellowship in Monticello prepared a cookout celebration.

We started off the cookout with giving a "stud award" to Ronnie Decker of Cornerstone. Though it has a funny name, the sentiment was sincere. Ronnie, while this was his first build, jumped into the deep end and tackling any task in front of him great and small, including leadership on the shed. Great work, Ronnie!

The night before at our last Extreme Build 2014 Volunteer Dinner, we had given out the following awards:

*The "Pop-It Award" for Steve Holm, volunteer foreman. He has a loud voice to start and end the work shifts, but we told him to save it and use these fireworks instead.

*Suzanne Lee of First Baptist, Middlesboro, who assigned volunteers jobs onsite and managed their work received a clip-board signifying her amazing leadership skills.

*It was Phil Martin's (of Buechel Park Baptist) birthday, so we gave him a celebratory gawdy, beaded necklace and sang to him.

*I was surprised at how many people David Meadors of Georgetown Baptist was related to (including our sign language interpreter), so we gave him a "Kinship Award". This is actually a baby gift for him to pass on to the next child born in their family!

*Don Rogers, pastor of Buechel Park Baptist, was burning rubber between his church and the build site. He conducted a wedding, a funeral, and a worship service and still managed to be present and highly effective for most of the build! We gave him the "Overachiever Award", which was a reusable beverage container to fill with copious amounts of iced tea and coffee to keep him charged up!

*Lynne Williams of Georgetown Baptist was given the "Kindness Award" (loads of happy face stickers) for her upbeat attitude and willingness to make others smile.

*Mack Snowden of Buechel Park Baptist was given the "Firecracker Award" for doing whatever jobs asked of him to get the house completed!

*Glen Meade gave my husband, Ryan Eller, and I a piece of cake to smoosh in each other's faces since it was our anniversary. By the end, icing was up my nose!

After a delicious lunch on Saturday, the dedication began at 1:00pm and was attended by local media, non-profit representatives, and volunteers. John Lepper, KBF Coordinator, introduced and thanked vital partners like the Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation (KHIC) and USDA Rural Development.

I had the honor of introducing the home recipient, Kimberly Stephens, her sister Tabitha, and her sister's boyfriend Donnie. In addition, I presented Kimberly and Tabitha with bibles signed with messages of love by the volunteers, noting that the most important gift we can give each other is the love shown to us by God. Kimberly also received an American Sign Language DVD version of the bible.

Jan Causey presented to Kimberly, on behalf of Buechel Park Baptist, a gift certificate for window treatments along with a cross-stich lovingly made by a sewing circle at the church.

Ronnie Decker of Cornerstone Fellowship presented Kimberly with a framed message of peace and love on behalf of the church.

Then, Suzanne Lee and Andrea Ensor of First Baptist, Middlesboro, gifted a hand-painted mailbox to Kimberly signifying that this house is officially a home and ready to receive mail with her name on it!

Steve Holm of St. Matthews Baptist handed over the keys to the home before Tom Manning-Beavin, Director of Housing for KHIC, shared a devotion and lead us in prayer. The service closed with David Meadors of Georgetown Baptist directing us in several verses of "Amazing Grace".

Afterwards, volunteers and media took a tour of the house with Kimberly. She was so excited to see the colors she'd chosen on the wall, and surprised to see that volunteers had packed her refrigerator and pantry with food!

Smiles and tears of joy abounded as we said our goodbyes to the Kimberly's family and to one another. As this was my first build, I made so many new friends that I can't wait to see again!

As we resume our daily lives, let us not forget Quint Meek of Georgetown Baptist who took a misstep off the bottom rung of a ladder and broke his leg at the build site. His fellow church member and friend, Susan Meadors, reports that he will be laid up for several months with a knee replacement to follow. He has a long road ahead of him, so please remember him in your prayers!

The Extreme Build family of volunteers is truly a community of selfless folks who long to be the hands and feet of Christ in a real and tangible way. I'm so thankful to have joined them on this ninth build!

Remember to check our our website for even more photos of the build (plus candids of your friends and family)! Be sure to submit any of fellow church members to your church newsletter editor so their good work can be recognized!

Thanks for following along on this incredible journey!

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Extreme Build 2014 Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/125515734@N04/sets/72157644842384928/

See Video of Extreme Build 2014 from partner organization FAHE:

Fahe staff volunteered to help out at the 9th annual Extreme Build organized by Kentucky Baptist Fellowship. Extreme Builds are a partnership between KBF and other organizations to build a home within 10 days for a low income family.

Extreme Build 2013 Reflection
By Phillip Davis (KBF Missions Intern)

The completion of the Barnett family home this summer marks the end of our eighth successful Extreme Build project. Unlike many of the volunteers and partners that join together year after year to make Extreme Build a reality for so many families across McCreary County, this experience has been my first one of its kind. I had heard so many great things about the whole experience like how when everybody arrives on the first day of the build it is like a big family reunion, or the joy of seeing the house completed and the look on the family’s face as they walk through for the first time. Simply hearing of these things was enough to make me excited about going, but only by experiencing it for myself was I able to truly see why Extreme Build is truly a “Miracle of Partnerships”. 

Though I had the great pleasure to work alongside several people from Georgetown Baptist Church who already feel like family to me, many of the faces were new to me as I arrived on site the first day. It did not take long, however, before I was one of the crew because with them, nobody is a stranger. With eager hands people grabbed their tools and went to work laying not just the foundation for what would become the Barnett’s beautiful home, but also the foundation for lasting relationships and partnerships among us. 

The apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12:27, “Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” Together, at Extreme Build, we were able to see a glimpse of what it is like to answer the call of the Church to be “the body of Christ”. Over the course of the ten day project, we saw well over 125 volunteers give so generously of their time and energy to make this build a success, each one doing his and her part to help their neighbor and simply for the joy of sharing in God’s work among us. I have been incredibly blessed to be a part of what God is doing in our communities through us and I am thankful to have seen a “Miracle of Partnerships” in action. 


You can follow the link below to view pictures from the entire build and follow the construction of the Barnett home.  

Extreme Build 8 Pictures