Mission Frankfort Clinic

On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, I was invited by FBC Frankfort to be their guest speaker for Wednesday night fellowship.  After spending a half hour with the adults discussing various KBF mission opportunities, I was invited by Mark Howell (Minister of Missions) to visit the Mission Frankfort Medical and Dental Clinic.

The Medical and Dental Clinic is housed on the third floor of the church.  Their mission is to provide basic medical, dental and pharmaceutical care to the uninsured of Franklin County.  The clinic is setup like any doctors office; patients arrive and check-in with a receptionist before meeting with a triage nurse.  During their visit they will have an opportunity to meet with one of three doctors, a dental hygienist, receive and fill any prescriptions and receive love and concern from a number of FBC Frankfort and other community volunteers. 

The clinic is quite impressive.  The pharmacy, the dental and doctor consultation rooms are similar to offices any insured patient would visit, the only difference being that the clinic is housed in the church. Mark Howell has organized a staff that works efficiently and compassionately with a population in Franklin County that could feel ignored otherwise.

On this particular evening, the staff decided to be festive for Halloween, complete with orange and black balloons along with costumes for the doctors, nurses and volunteers.  This seemingly insignificant detail serves as a reminder to the patients and the staff that the clinic is more than a place to receive basic medical care.  The Mission Frankfort Clinic is a place where people come to be known by those who share the love of Christ.

For more information about the Mission Frankfort Clinic, visit their website.