Kaleidoscope - KBF Children's Misson Day Registration Ends Oct. 1

A Kaleidoscope produces beautiful images – literally, it means “looking at beautiful forms.”  God asks us to look at one another in the way described by Christ: in the simplicity of a child who sees beauty everywhere.  Join us this fall at Faith Baptist Church as we focus our reflection on the beautiful children found here in Kentucky, as well as the beautiful children we will learn about in Miami through our Missions leader, Christy Craddock.  Christy, a Kentucky native, graduate of Georgetown College and former KBF summer intern, just completed her role as the Youth Director for Touching Miami with Love serving the youth and their families in the community of Overtown, Florida.

Kaleidoscope is offered in conjunction with the annual BSK/KBF Christian Education Conference held on October 23 at nearby Georgetown College.  (Childcare will be provided beginning at 8:45 am for both events).

Cost is $20 per child.


For more information, please contact Joshua Speight or call 502-426-1931.