A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

By KBF Intern Chelsey Constant

As I continue my internship here at Kentucky Baptist Fellowship I discover all of the wonderful things that KBF and its partner churches are doing locally as well as globally.

For the past few weeks I have begun to assist Josh with a project that he has been working on. The project is an asset map. This map will help KBF to recognize the things that a specific church is doing mission wise both globally and locally. It will lead into helping churches better network together across the state.

Josh and I have met with a few pastors from different churches to discuss their churches ministries over the past week or so and I have found that each church has its own special way of reaching out to people, whether those people are in the houses around the church or the people who live miles away.  

God calls us to love our neighbors as we love our selves and often we ask “who is our neighbor?” Well, I have realized, from the discussions we have had with the pastors, that our neighbors are everywhere. Our neighbors can live right next door or across the globe. We love all these people just as we love ourselves and each church is being a great neighbor to all of these people.

I look forward to learning more and more about the ministries at the other churches that KBF partners with and meeting many more of my neighbors along the way.