Forming Relationships

My first two weeks as the Mission Intern with KBF are coming to a close and already I have been able to meet many great people. 

With Extreme Build quickly approaching, last week I was able to go with Josh to McCreary County where the build will take place.  Not only did I get to see the foundation of this year’s house, I also got to meet the recipients of the house.  Jerry and Geneva Privette, the parents of the family receiving the home, are kindhearted people who are so thankful for this opportunity.  Jerry repeatedly expressed that he would never forget the people with KBF who are helping to make his new home a reality.  He vowed to always take great care of this valued gift.   

The new hope these parents have for their family’s future is evident. I am eager to continue to build a relationship with this family throughout our time at Extreme Build as well as throughout this new chapter in their lives. 

While in McCreary County, I also met Jim Cmolik, the founder of Hills and Hollers Ministries.  It was encouraging to meet someone with such a passion for helping people and spreading God’s abundant love.  His exuberance provoked even more excitement in me about this summer.

I know throughout my time at KBF I will be able to connect with many more people from whom I will be able to gain so much insight. I am enthusiastic about developing these relationships as I progress throughout my internship.