KBF State Breakout In Tampa

Thursday, June 23, 4pm

Reasons to attend:

  • renew friendships
  • learn about events being planned in Kentucky
  • learn more about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how EQ affects your leadership style

Chris Gambill of the Center for Congregational Health will give us a taste of a longer workshop he will lead in Kentucky at our Spring Gathering in 2012.

Effective leadership has often been associated with high intelligence, high competency in a field, or possession of special knowledge or expertise. Research indicates none of these factors are necessarily a good predictor for leadership excellence. An important, and often overlooked, factor is a leader's emotional intelligence.

Why do spiritually committed, skilled, and caring congregational leaders sometimes function poorly as leaders? Clergy and lay leaders do not always think or act as if emotions play a significant role in important issues such as decision-making, consensus building, conflict management, or job performance.

Attend the state breakout in Tampa and get a taste of how you can apply emotional intelligence in the context of church.