Dreaming Big

For the past week Shannan and I have been holding things down at the office while John and Josh are at the CBF General Assembly in Tampa.  My duties have consisted mostly of putting the finishing touches on Extreme Build.  I have unpacked all the materials, sent out ‘thank you’ letters and have made a few ‘thank you’ phone calls.  The overall sentiment from the people I have talked to seems to be that this year’s Extreme Build was one of the best yet.  With few glitches and a great team of workers it is not hard to understand why people share this feeling.  Other than a few rainy days, we had a very smooth build.

Now that Extreme Build has wrapped up, I hope you take time to continue to think about and pray for the Privett family.  As they adjust to a new home and create new memories, pray that they continue to seek the plans God has for them.  As we learned of Brenda Perry (the first Extreme Build home recipient) opening her kitchen to help serve food to those around her, we are reminded that the houses built during Extreme Build help more than just the people moving in.  Pray the house that was built this month will help the Privett family to dream bigger than they ever thought possible.  The twelve days of hard work by the Extreme Build team could serve the McCreary County community in ways we never could have imagined.