CBF Celebrates 20 Years In Tampa

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship gathered June 22-25 for its annual General Assembly in Tampa, celebrating its twentieth anniversary and looking ahead to the future in hope, with risk, and as a fellowship of free and faithful Baptists. Memories of the organization’s early days threaded throughout the gathering, as notable Baptist voices like Molly Marshall, Buddy Shurden, and James Dunn recalled CBF’s origin. Through worship, business sessions, workshops, auxiliary events, and conversation, speakers and leaders urged the Fellowship to take a risk for the gospel, to seek the energy and excitement that is bubbling up from local churches, and to listen to young leaders in the movement.

In business sessions, reports from the 2012 Task Force were shared with the Assembly, Moderator Colleen Burroughs was elected, and CBF’s $12.3 million budget for 2011-2012 was approved. In Thursday night’s worship service, fourteen global field personnel were commissioned by the Fellowship to serve among the most marginalized around the world. CBF Coordinator for Global Missions, Rob Nash, sounded the call for churches and individuals to bind together in networks to fund the passion for missions that is the hallmark of CBF life.