SELAHvie - Students Pause, Refresh Life.

This week I drove with three college students from Kentucky to Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama.  There we joined 180 other college students and CBF colleagues from across the nation for SELAHvie - Pause. Life.

All of these college student have been in ministry this summer.  This gathering of some of CBF's best served as Collegiate Congregational Interns, Student.go summer mission workers, or Passport summer staffers.  What a blessing these students have been and were to all of us at SELAHvie.

This time of reflection was a breath of fresh air not only for these students, but for me as well.  These young leaders love life, Jesus and his Church.  They have a passion for sharing their love with future generations.  Their excitement about worship, their concern for justice in the world, and their involvement in God's mission in the world is contagious.

Upon leaving Alabama to return to Louisville, I left with a renewed energy and passion not only for God, but for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  Passport, Student.go, and Congregational Internships are investments not only in the future of CBF - they are endorsements of the good work CBF is accomplishing as a 20-year-old movement.  I am blessed to have been invited to share in community with these folks at SELAHvie.

Applications and interviews will soon be available for the summer of 2012.  See the links below for more information:
Passport Camps
Collegiate Congregational Internships