Thoughts On Leadership From North Carolina

Duke ChapelI am attending the first of three sessions with Foundations of Christian Leadership at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  Gathered with me are twenty other young Christian leaders representing the Lutheran Church (ELCA), Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), Reformed Church, Baptist (Cooperative and National), and Methodist. Already we have been treated to stimulating conversation regarding leadership within our context as institutional Church leaders.  We have spent time intentionally creating community through shared meals, fellowship, and worship.  I am experiencing Holy rest while I am here and it is good to remember my calling; to consider how I am and how we are called to lead as the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship - a Fellowship of churches and individuals - to lead together.  

Tuesday evening, on the grounds of the Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University, we worshipped as a small community of church leaders.  Bill Lamar, Director of the Foundations of Christian Leadership, provided us with a litany tonight that reminded me to be thankful for the expanding community of which I am called to serve. Please read and use in your own worship community as you fell led.

Give thanks to the Lord who is good.
God's love is everlasting.
Come, let us praise God joyfully.
Let us come to God with thanksgiving.
For the good world; for things great and small, beautiful and awesome;
Thank you, God.
For human life; for talking and moving and thinking together;
for common hopes and hardships shared from birth until our dying;
Thank you, God.
For good work to do and strength to work; for the comradeship of labor, 
for exchanges of laughter and encouragement;
Thank you, God.
For the young; for their high hopes; for their irreverence toward worn-out values;
for their search for freedom; for their solemn vows;
Thank you , God.
For growing up and growing old; for wisdom deepened by experience;
for rest in leisure; and for time made precious by its passing;
Thank you, God.
For those who serve your church in the world;
for the lay and ordained women and men who have populated our projects;
for hours of preaching and practice and service;
Thank you, God.
For the church into which we have been called;
for the good news we receive; for our life together in the Lord; 
Thank you, God.
For your Holy Spirit, who guides our steps and brings us gifts of faith and love;
who prays in us and prompts our grateful worship;
We praise you, God.
Above all, O God, for your Son Jesus Christ,
Who lived and died and lives again for our salvation;
For our hope in him; And for the joy of serving him;
We thank and praise you, Eternal God, for your goodness to us.
Give thanks to the Lord, who is good.
God's love is everlasting. 

Adapted from the Book of Common Worship for the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church 

For more info about the Foundations of Christian Leadership Program, click here.