CBF Gift Catalog: Give a Gift That Shares Christ

The Christmas Season is a time of year that has more people wondering, "How can I help people in need?" and seeking ways to help the less fortunate have a joyous holiday.  Some want to help but they themselves have limited resources.  Fortunately, there are opportunities to help those in need and share Christ, regardless of income.  

The CBF Gift Catalog is one such program.  Through this ministry, you can choose from a host of gifts, in prices ranging from as little as $1.25 to more than $250.  Perhaps you can choose a gift to give as a family, a Sunday School class, small group, or as a church.  These are practical gifts, such as $7 for a sack of potatoes to help an African immigrant in Spain, or $72 for a one-month college scholarship for a student living in poverty in Southeast Asia.  These are gifts that will not go unused or unappreciated.

Please look through the CBF gift catalog and consider sharing Christ in this way.  Consider it the ideal gift on behalf of "the person who has everything."