CBF Seeks Names for New Nominating Committee

"Imagine a series of changes that must be made in a particular sequence, something akin to tipping over the line of dominoes. Each step is important. Each step is necessary. Laying out the dominoes in the right sequence is crucial. Last summer's action by the General Assembly to approve the 2012 Task Report gave us a map with a destination. Now we are strategically laying out the dominoes in a particular sequence of actions that will lead us to that destination for a more dynamic, vigorous community of Baptist known as the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship."

These words, written by CBF Moderator Keith Herron, sum up where the CBF is right now in regard to making the changes laid out by the 2012 Task Report.  The first domino to be lined up is the Nominating Committee, which will be comprised of 15 people who will serve in a 3-yr rotational system.  After being appointed, the committee will begin recruiting members to the newly formed Missions Council and Ministries Council, as well as preparing people to serve on the new Governing Council.

CBF is seeking a diverse range of nominees, accurately representing their constituency.  If you would like to nominate someone for the Nominating Committee, please read more herefrom Keith Herron.  There you will also find a link with a nominating form.