Morocco Gift Cards

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship will make Morocco Gift Cards available again for Christmas in 2012. Choose a meaningful gift for a loved one and help sub-Saharan African refugee children and families living in Morocco receive the basic necessities in life.

Morocco gift cards work by allowing people to purchase Christmas greeting cards in varying amounts.  The card carries a simple phrase like: "A gift has been made in your honor which will purchase one month of food for a refugee family in Morocco by [insert name] to celebrate the Christmas season."  Once ordered, KBF will send to you the cards you requested along with enough envelopes for each card.  If your church would like examples to display, please call or email to request.

If you or your church would like to join in this meaningful Christmas project, contact Joshua Speight at the KBF office (502-426-1931 or The gift cards are available to any church or individual choosing to participate.

NEW FOR 2012 - Morocco Postcard Pack (8 to a pack) - Donation of $10 per pack.  These postcards display images of the Morocco/KBF partnership and can be used throughout the year.

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