A Word From The Coordinator

A few days ago I attended a workshop held on the campus of Georgetown College. The event, “Communication is Key,” provided excellent examples of two facets of our mission:  providing resources for churches and individuals and accomplishing work through partnerships.
Over 30 participants were provided with four key practices for a healthy congregation.  We looked at internal as well as external communication, and the cultural, societal and global shifts in communication processes. 
The Center for Congregational Health, based in North Carolina, actually planned and implemented the workshop through the capable leadership of Natalie Aho, Communications Specialist for the Center.  The success of the workshop is an example of the value of partnerships. The event, as I’ve already mentioned, was held on the campus of Georgetown College and was co-sponsored by the college, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky and Kentucky Baptist Fellowship.

In addition, the makeup of those who attended the workshop was different than most meetings KBF co-sponsors.  Leaders from several denominations attended, including Lutheran, Episcopal, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Baptist.  Fittingly, we can thank another KBF partner for the participation of these non-Baptists.  Marian McClure Taylor with Kentucky Council of Churches, shared information about this workshop with churches and individuals who partner with KCC.  Fourteen leaders from seven non-Baptist congregations responded by attending. 

We, at Kentucky Baptist Fellowship, take seriously our responsibility to provide resources for congregational leaders.  We also value partnerships and diversity.