Extreme Build 2012 Complete

On Saturday, June 16 our Extreme Build volunteer crew finished the Brown home and moved in the family's furniture.  After a wonderful lunch of BBQ and chicken provided by Cornerstone Baptist of Monticello, we dedicated the Brown's new home.

Because of Charlie's health, he did not make any trips to see the house during construction and neither did Mary Ann.  When they pulled up to the home at Noon on Saturday, they were seeing the completed home on their property for the very first time.  
It was an emotional moment for all of us, full of tears, joy, and love as we welcomed the Browns home and thanked God for them and the next chapter in their life.  
Thank you to the numerous KBF partners who made the 2012 Extreme Build home a reality.  We are grateful for this "Miracle of Partnerships" that inspires us and renews our love for God and our neighbor every year.  
See you at Extreme Build #8 in 2013!