"Fellowship Without Borders"

Micro-Enterprise Projects in Morocco

On October 5th, twenty-one people from seven KBF congregations will travel to Morocco for the 2012 KBF-EEAM Partnership Trip.  Although you will not physically travel with us, your church can be a vital partner with this group by supporting the relaunch of micro-enterprise projects for sub-Saharan migrants and refugees living in Morocco.  
For as little as $300, a refugee can be financially supported through the International Aid Committee (CEI) of the EEAM (Protestant Church of Morocco).  A micro-entreprise projects could include helping a refugee woman launch a hair/beauty salon among other refugee women, helping a migrant man start an eatery, or helping a refugee with material to use as a seamstress. These short-term solutions bring long-term hope to a people group desperate to make a living and a better life for their families


Your church can partner with KBF and EEAM to support these micro-enterprise projects as we prepare to travel this fall.  Your designated gift will bring hope to the lives of refugees and migrants living in Morocco.  If you or your church would like to know more about how you can invest in these micro-projects in Morocco, please contact Josh Speight (josh@kybf.org or 502-426-1931)
post written by Joshua Speight