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The following is a weekly collection of writings from news articles, blog posts, online journals, etc. posted for your information and/or enjoyment.  It is not meant to endorse or assert any opinion or belief held by the KBF.

In the news:

Still missing Mark Heard, 20 years after musician's untimely death, Peter Smith,

Kentucky State Fair,

Family Research Council Shooting:  Injured Guard Tackles Gunman,

In the blogosphere: 

Things Left Unsaid, Amanda Hervey, A Lovely Place to Land

Of "Lights" and Soul-Liberation (Confessions from a Real-Life Journey Moment), Bert Montgomery, faithlab

The Cynicism Trap:  Why Trusting Fellow Christians is a Spiritual Discipline, Her.meneutics, Michelle Van Loon

Church Stories:  A Plea to Engage in Racial Reconciliation (by Grace Biskie), Rachel Held Evans (warning: some explicit language)

In the now:

The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Christianity Today movie review

Sell Your Old iPhone: The iPhone5 is coming, Huffington Post

Tweet of the Week:  @ChrchCurmudgeon  Pastor says he'll give up health benefits if we pay his Starbuck's bill.  He's trying to bankrupt us.