Recently, GracePointe Community Church in Mount Washington held a "Covenant Renewal" service where congregants chose to either re-sign the church covenant or sign it for the first time.  The milestone Sunday was preceded by three weeks of reviewing what the covenant said and the responsibility members had of upholding it.  Neither a creed nor a contract, the covenant basically states that as a member of the church body there are expectations to meet, such as giving sacrificially and fostering community within the congregation.  Similarly, the leadership of the church covenanted to provided an environment in which expectations could be met and spiritual growth encouraged.

Pastor Jeremy Shoulta first learned of the idea of covenant renewal from Alan Winseman at the CBF Leadership Institute in 2009. After reading Winseman's book, Growing an Engaged Church, he and the GracePointe leadership teams agreed that utilizing this approach would be beneficial for GracePointe.

Members described the event as a time of excitement that gave them a renewed sense of community and calling as a church.  At least 11 people signed the covenant for the first time.  In the evening, the church gathered once again, this time for a cookout and pool party.  It was a great way to celebrate how far the Lord had led them and as well as the path set before them.

Members of GracePointe sign the church covenant.