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The following is a weekly collection of writings from news articles, blog posts, online journals, etc. posted for your information and/or enjoyment.  It is not meant to endorse or assert any opinion or belief held by the KBF.

In the news:

Rick Warren Cancels "Presidential Forum" at Saddleback,

Todd Akin, "Legitimate Rape," and Gospel Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault,

USADA Says It Will Ban Lance Armstrong, Strip 7 Tour Titles,

In the blogosphere:

Why We Love, and Hate, "Honey Boo Boo," Her.meneutics

Too Many Smart Women, Tony Cartledge, Baptists Today

Hello Stranger On The Street, Could You Please Tell Me How To Take Care Of My Baby?, McSweeney's Internet Tendency

You Probably Have Too Much Stuff, Carl Richards, New York Times

In the now:

Big Big News:  Kevin Max to be New Lead Singer for Reunited Audio Adrenaline,

 Tweet of the Week:  @CelebrityPastor  Hey folks, I'm just a vessel.  A really good looking, dynamic, intense vessel.