Community Garden at Buechel Park Baptist Church


This summer Buechel Park Baptist Church has been helping supply a local food pantry with fresh vegetables.  It has been a rewarding venture for all involved.  The following is an inspiring article written by the person leading the project:

In response to news reports that lower income people have less access to fresh food, the members of Buechel Park Baptist Church agreed to create a community vegetable garden, with all produce to be supplied to the food pantry at the Southeast Associated Ministries (SEAM).   Jefferson County is divided into “ministry areas” and Buechel Park, along with about a dozen churches of various denominations, is located in the area served by SEAM and supports it.

 To lay the groundwork for the project, we met with SEAM’s staff, who were supportive and appreciative of our willingness to provide fresh food to them.  Next we requested a list of vegetables, prioritized, to ensure that we would meet the needs of the people served by SEAM.  We took a soil sample for analysis and the results were that the soil would benefit from barnyard manure, which was donated.  After tilling the soil a couple of times, the ground was ready and the Garden Team planted 14 tomato plants, 36 rows of green beans, and 14 squash. 

 Seeing the crops growing in the community garden caused the children to become interested, so we started a children’s garden, with the children planting corn, watermelon, and other crops.

 We hope for big yields from both gardens and the opportunity to share with our neighbors through SEAM.