Hurricane Isaac, CBF Disaster Response, and How You Can Help

Many of you may have questions about how you can help now and in the future as Hurricane Isaac bears down on the Gulf Coast and begins traveling northeast.  The CBF has already initiated a well-coordinated response.  The following is a note from Charles Ray, U.S. Disaster Relief Coordinator for CBF; read on to find out how to contribute to relief efforts:  

We are as prepared as never before.  We have some funds on hand that will permit us to begin work when possible.  Those funds could be depleted within a few of weeks.  We DO NOT want donations designated for Isaac but for General Response.  We will need teams to begin "mud outs" and some debris removal.  We will not bring anyone in until the water has receded; we have housing, food and showers.  Shower units are standing by.

 All our work will be directed to a CBF partner church first, then to the public need in an area.  We will cooperate with each state VOAD.

 As with Katrina, we will most likely begin working north of the NOLA, Mobile, and MS Gulf areas since we can expect to get into those sooner.

 With what we know (very little) now we still must plan for severe storms and flooding in Arkansas and the mid-southeast over the next two days.

 Our major partner, American Baptist Association (ABA), is becoming mobile later today, moving from South Georgia and heading toward Reid Doster, coordinator of the response in Louisiana.  They are a self sustaining unit and will be giving me eyewitness reports along the way. 

 We need for the CBF family to be patient. We need major gifts of cash,  no clothing (or other goods at this time). We need the CBF community to prepare for a long term involvement.

 May God bless our efforts.

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