Kentucky Missions Featured in Latest Edition of Fellowship Magazine

CBF National has just the released the October/November 2012 issue of fellowship! magazine.  The publication highlights what is happening in Fellowship life around the globe, including "our old Kentucky home." 

Paula Settle and her work with the "Gorge"ous Gals of Nada, KY is one of the articles featured.  These women design and create jewelry which is then sold to people in CBF partner churches.  In addition to learning a new craft and honing their creative skills, they are able to earn money to help support themselves.  Other proceeds go to buying new materials, funding travel expenses, and a community savings account.  They all agree that their work has made an enormous positive impact in their lives.

Readers can also read about the aptly named Hope Academy, a school founded in August of 2011 to help high school age Karen young men learn in an environment better suited to their needs.  CBF Field Personnel Steve Clark and Annette Ellard saw that cultural and language barriers were making it difficult for the students to meet their potential in public schools.  With much faith, as well as support from Crescent Hill Baptist Church in Louisville, they began Hope Academy and the results speak for themselves.  The young men in the academy are not just setting goals - they are achieving them - and looking forward to their and their families' future.

Also included in the magazine are details about the upcoming Current Retreat at Georgetown College, featuring popular author/blogger/speaker Rachel Held Evans.  The retreat is October 17-18, 2012 and it isn't too late to sign up.  For more info, click here.

To read the entire magazine, click here.