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The following is a weekly collection of writings from news articles, blog posts, online journals, etc. posted for your information and/or enjoyment.  It is not meant to endorse or assert any opinion or belief held by the KBF.

In the news:

Aung San Suu Kyi, "I Have Personal Regrets" -

Staples to Close Stores, Focus on Online Sales -

In the blogosphere:

The Scandal of Publix and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers: A Christian Critique - by Brian McLaren,

Beauty, Lust, and Options - by Pete Wilson

Everyone Gets an Ethel and Other Myths of Womanhood - by Amanda Griffith Hervey

 In the now:

The Rabbi Says: "Sure Jesus had a Wife!" - by Tony Jones,

How to Know if You're Serving Yourself or God - by Chuck Queen,

Returning:  Thoughts on the Jewish High Holy Days - 2001 and 2012 - by Ruth Neubauer,

Tweet of the Week:   @Replacementsref  I CALL A TOUCHCEPTION!