The KBF Missions Asset Map: An 18-Month Journey


Why did KBF create a map? 

At the March 2011 KBF Coordinating Council meeting, the Missions Workgroup decided to create a KBF Missions Asset Map.  Chaired by Renee Purtlebaugh (Highland Baptist, Louisville), the group determined that this map was needed as many of our KBF congregations do not have a working knowledge of the abundance of resources, strengths, and connections we share in our state.   

 How did the project start?

The project started with a simple question: "What two missional things does your church do well locally in your community?"  The question was asked through email by our KBF office targeted to key missional people in KBF congregations.  A wider net was cast in later months as the question was asked in a few "Friday 3 Things" email newsletters.

 How did KBF follow-up with congregations?

From May 2011 through August 2012, Josh Speight, four KBF Interns, and the Mission Work Group followed up every email response with face-to-face conversation about the responding church. Dialogue was held about the assets of the congregation, ways the church is connected to the larger KBF/CBF family, and mission advocates were identified.  Through these conversations, members of KBF congregations were able to express pride for their missional leadership.

 What's next for the Missions Asset Map?

When the KBF Missions Asset Map went live on August 17, 2012, it launched incomplete.  KBF realizes many congregations have incomplete information.  In fact, there are quite a few KBF congregations who have are not represented on the map - yet are doing tremendous ministry in the world on behalf of God that should be reflected in the map.

 How does my church add to the map?

If you don't see your church listed at all on the map or your church is listed but a key mission engagement is missing - KBF NEEDS YOUR HELP.

The KBF Missions Asset Map needs your input in order to grow and become a vital resource to our network of congregations.  Use the link below (or pass along to the correct person in your church) to provide updates to the KBF Missions Asset Map for your congregation:

 Click here to update the KBF Missions Asset Map