Valarie Shoulta Resigns as Administrative Assistant


Valarie Shoulta,  Administrative Assistant, at Kentucky Baptist Fellowship, has resigned her position in order to become Administrative Assistant at Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville.  Her last day in the KBF office is March 28.  Beth Murphy, former Administrative Assistant at KBF, will fill in on a part-time basis until the position is filled.

Valarie has served at KBF on two occasions, the first from December 2008 to July 2010.  Following her first employment with us, she moved with her husband Jeremy to Kansas City, MO after he had been called to serve in a church there.  Valarie returned to the KBF following her and Jeremy's move back to the Louisville area.

Valarie has done an exceptional job as Administrative Assistant, performing the full range of secretarial and administrative functions needed by KBF, including added responsibilities in the area of communication.  Valarie has been an invaluable resource, helping us as we have increased the use of technology to communicate with our constituency.  This “Three Things” e-news is one example of Valarie’s work.  She compiles this e-news, often writing articles. 

We wish Valarie continued success as she serves Buechel Park.  We will miss her greatly.

Editor's note:  Valarie wishes to express her thanks to KBF for the opportunity to work there - twice - and looks forward to working with them in the future through their partnership with her local congregation.