Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend KBF Spring Gathering

10. Fellowship with friends! Attending the Spring Gathering is a good reminder that we’re not alone. Strengthen old relationships, engage in fresh perspectives and meet new Facebook friends! Help us build community by attending and participating.

9. Time to reset your hibernation clock. Most folks in Kentucky experienced a mild winter and a COLD spring. Following the botched weather forecast of Punxsutawney Phil, many of us went back into hibernation.  Now is the time to take a short trip to Owensboro and enjoy the Kentucky springtime.

8. Worship. Vibrant worship services will inspire and challenge. Rhonda Abbott Blevins will challenge us to replace feelings of inadequacy with faith. Find inspiration to live more fully into your unique calling as a Christian.

7. Workshops and Resources. Find help on a variety of topics related to worship and missions. Who knows, you might just gain an idea that you can take back to your church.  

6. Leisure Opportunities.  What better way to spend an afternoon or evening than chowing down on some of Owensboro’s famous BBQ. Following this indulgence, you might then like to take a walk on the Greenbelt or down by the river. If you don’t have time for such pleasures while in Owensboro, you can always stop at an interstate rest stop en route to or from the big meeting.   

5. Get-away trip with your spouse. What a good time to renew your relationship with your spouse through a spiritually uplifting weekend. And hey, if you don’t have a spouse, you might find one here! (Disclaimer: the above statement does not guarantee or imply that you will find a suitable spouse at this gathering).

4. Learn about interesting terms and abbreviations. 
Didn’t you always want to know the meaning of KBF, EEAM, KBWIM, BSK, Extreme Build, Mountain Hope and CBF?

3. Visit Morocco...without leaving Kentucky.

2. Learn what’s happening in theological
 Attend the Banquet hosted by Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. 

1. Build Community. By attending this year’s KBF Spring Gathering, you will help us make our theme a reality. If you do your part and attend, we promise to do our part and build community.