The Value of Camp*


By Marnie Fisher-Ingram

My family moved around a lot growing up. Transitions every other year of schools, churches and cities were constant.  It was very difficult.  One thing that was the norm for me was being able to go to camp each summer. It was wonderful. I was able to relax and live deeply into the camp theme and environment. The groups I was a part of developed community. We shared what was troubling us and how we were feeling the Spirit move. Those weeks where what I looked forward to each summer. It was a chance to be someone else, try something new and learn about God.

Camp is where I first felt my calling to be a minister. It was where I learned about a faith that was lasting. It was where I felt the calm and peaceful presence of Christ. It was where I learned to sing and worship. Camp became home and something I looked forward to each summer.

Many of our youth experience the same feelings about camp. It is a highlight of their year. The place where they feel closest to God, where they are away from home and get to be who they really want to be. Where they get to try something new (baking a cake, or painting a house). Where they get to be a leader or a follower. Where they begin to feel a calling. Where they see a woman preach for the first time. Where they laugh with their friends…and so much more.


* This post first appeared as a part of the "Talk Back Segment" of the CBF Young Baptists website that is intended to give young Baptists a chance to communicate with one another. This entry is written by Marnie Fisher-Ingram, youth camps coordinator for Passport, Inc. Marnie is a graduate of Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond and Georgetown College. Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is proud to be a partner with Passport, who will lead three weeks of PassportMissions2 camp this June at Broadway Baptist Church in Louisville.