Update on Connie Lepper

By John Lepper

Connie and I drove to Atlanta this past Friday for HER (not John) to attend a baby shower given on behalf of the parent's of our son-in-law and their church family and friends.  Our daughter is expecting twin boys in August. 

Connie never made it to the shower!  We had a different kind of party!   At about 8 PM on Friday evening, Connie made a mis-step as she was going to the sunken den (two steps down) and broke both ankles.  She has not taken a step since.  We called 911 and she was transported to the hospital emergency room where we spent half of the night--arriving home after 3 am.  We returned home on Sunday and were able to get an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Monday. 

On that visit, the left lower leg was put in a cast and should heal without surgery.  Surgery is scheduled for Friday afternoon (May 10) to repair the right distal fibula fracture.  Post operative procedures are still indefinite but include such options as going to a rehab center for a couple of weeks or coming home immediately with care by John and support from home health care.   We are grateful to have a treatment plan and we are learning to manage getting about.  Thanks so much to so many friends who have offered words of encouragement and especially thanks for your many prayers on our behalf.  We have felt the prayers voiced by friends and friends of family around the world--and in several languages!  

Cards and notes of encouragement may be sent to:
4214 Garden Ridge Road
Crestwood, KY 40014