KBF Missions Intern Phillip Davis Reflects on Selah Vie


As the summer draws to a close and many young people begin the process of returning to classes, jobs, and the routines of life, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s summer retreat, Selah Vie, offers a time of reflection and fellowship to those who participated in of CBF’s summer ministries. A host of people gathered together for the three-day event at Camp Pinnacle in Clayton, Georgia, many of whom having just recently completed their summer service opportunities through CBF's Student.GoCBF's Collegiate Congregational InternshipPassport Camps Inc., and others. Though each individual came to the table having participated in a wide array of experiences, each one was welcomed to reflect on and share in the on-going story of God by connecting his or her experiences with those of others.

Selah Vie, meaning “pause life”, lived up to its name by giving people an opportunity to stop everything else and remember their foundation in Christ. The retreat was filled with time for prayer, discussion, and worship. Several times each day we would come together as a community to pray for one another, to listen to each other’s stories, and to lift up our voices in unison in song and praise. The theme of the retreat, Life is a Labyrinth, seemed to serve a dual purpose, the first of which being to confess the fact that life is a journey full of twists and turns. Second, to elevate the Christian call to center our lives around God which can be done through the meditative prayer practice of walking a labyrinth.

By taking this intentional time to “pause life” for just a few days, I was reminded of God’s call to the church to remember. As people who share in the common story of God’s self-revelation, we must take time to remember who God is. So many times we can fill our lives with busyness, distractions, or lies that avert our attention away from the truth God speaks, yet God continues to remind us as God assured Joshua, “I will not leave you or forsake you.” When we become a people who remember we will be people who persevere with boldness because we rest on the solid rock of Christ.