Dawnings in Kentucky


Dawnings is a new CBF initiative that helps congregations welcome a new day of vitality, purpose and mission.  Dawnings is not a pre-packaged program but a process that helps churches discover new clarity and purpose. Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville participated in the “pilot” retreat and is currently involved in Dawnings.  

Dawnings helps congregational leaders develop skills that can transform how the church focuses its ministry and missions efforts. Each congregation is unique and each congregation exists in a unique community. Dawnings provides structure and guidance but allows each local congregation to create its own design.  

The first step in the Dawnings process is participation in a Dawnings Retreat. Each congregation brings a core team of 5 or 6 leaders for a three-day experience. Multiple retreat opportunities are offered. KBF and CBF are joining hands to bring a Dawnings Retreat to KY.

What: Dawnings Retreat

Where: Georgetown College

Who: Sponsored by CBF in concert with KBF and Georgetown College

When: March 6-8, 2014

What is Dawnings?

The Dawnings retreat is experiential in nature. The retreat helps your church experience the three processes of Dawnings--Visioning, Forming and Engaging.


The visioning process helps congregations become aware of the places and ways God is already at work in our world and in our community. Visioning is about catching a glimpse of God’s work and inspiring us to join in.


God shapes and forms us to be Christ’s presence in the world. Dawnings provides approaches to spiritual formation--both as individuals and as a congregation.  


Following Christ involves moving out into the community. As we catch God’s vision and as we become involved in spiritual formation, we are called to be God’s hands and feet. We join God in being transformed and we become engaged in the transformation of our churches and our communities.

The retreat helps congregational leaders experience these steps along the journey as they reflect on visioning, forming and engaging.  If your church decides to implement Dawnings, the leaders who have attended the retreat will go back and design a similar process for their congregations. CBF will assign a coach to guide you through the process of design and implementation. Chuck Bugg and John Lepper are currently involved in coaches training so that they can provide coaching for congregations that choose to implement Dawnings.  

For more information about Dawnings and about upcoming retreat opportunities visit cbfdawnings.org.