A Word From KBF's Moderator-Elect

By Bob Fox, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church (Georgetown) 

It was a real pleasure to go to the recent MLT (Movement Leadership Team) Summit in Decatur as the moderator-elect for KBF in late August.  This annual gathering of the state coordinators, their staff and other leaders with the national leadership of CBF is an excellent opportunity to create community and collaboration between the state fellowships and the national organization.
The largest chunk of the program was devoted to asset mapping.  There was a great presentation about the importance of mustering assets rather than working from deficits.  It was extremely well done, but it also reminded me that I had already heard about all of this before. For many present, this was probably a new way of thinking, but Josh has been helping us to think this way for the last few years.  In fact, in some ways, I think KBF is already well ahead even of what was being presented.  It reminded me that Josh is a great asset!
There were two other significant moments during the summit.  The first occurred when CBF shared with each state the financial support they receive from the churches within their borders.  This new transparency sets the stage for a new financial relationship between CBF and the state organizations.  It was a beginning to an important conversation that may lead to new and cooperative funding strategies.  The other highlight was Suzii Paynter’s address in which she began to tentatively set out her developing vision for CBF.  Most heartening was her commitment to making Together For Hope a signature ministry of the Fellowship.  Having two of the twenty sites here (Owsley and McCreary Counties), means our work will be of increasing importance to CBF.  One example of this already occurring is the burgeoning partnership between KBF and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Tennessee to do Together For Hope ministries.
A side benefit of the meeting was the opportunity to tour the new CBF offices in Decatur.  They are convenient, well-designed and very attractive.  CBF should be happy in their walls for many years. 
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the moderator-elect and to be a part of this exciting gathering.