2013 KBF Partnership Experience With Morocco: "Caravan of Empowerment: Encouraging Women's Ministries"

KBF will send 13 people to Morocco in October as a part of our ongoing partnership with the Protestant Church in Morocco (EEAM).  As a part of our preparation for traveling, some of the participants are reflecting on the trip prior to our leaving.  The following is from Donna Whitehouse of Georgetown Baptist Church who will make her first trip to Morocco in October.

Next Thursday I am leaving for Morocco as part of the annual KBF Partnership trip and I can not wait! I have always loved to travel and experience new cultures. The last few years I realize my world has been expanded so much, not through travel, but through experiences with my local church, Georgetown Baptist and the connections we have with Georgetown College and church partners.

Our local Hispanic Initiative has become an International Initiative. English classes, nutrition and cooking sessions, a Christmas toy project, childcare, and fellowship have been shared not just with our growing Hispanic population but also with families from Japan, Iraq, the Congo, and others. Our family has "adopted" Matias, a Georgetown College student from Chile. He has blessed us in so many ways as we learn about Chile but also see our home and culture through his eyes. Last Saturday, at a women's fellowship at Georgetown Baptist, another one of our GC international students, a teenage girl from Afghanistan, taught me Arabic greetings to use in Morocco. International adoptions in our church bring stories from China and Uganda. My husband, son and daughter-in-law and others have made two trips to build houses in Haiti with the Fuller Center. At the annual KBF youth weekend held in Louisville this past March, we worked with a team organizing donations to Kentucky Refugee Ministries side-by-side with teens who were recent refugees from Burma (teens from Crescent Hill Baptist Church).

All of these people and connections have expanded my vision of how I, as a Christian, can be at work in the world. When I saw a KBF email last spring advertising the Partnership trip to Morocco it hit me immediately as a chance to take what I've seen here in Kentucky and connect it with work being done in North Africa. Morocco is a country that has always fascinated me. I am so excited to be a part of this trip, for the chance to meet and connect with Christians in Morocco and partner with them. Thank you KBF for letting me share in the work being done in Morocco.  - Donna Whitehouse