Moderator Musings: We Need Your Support!

by Bob Fox,
KBF Moderator & Pastor, Faith Baptist, Georgetown

As we enter the fall, many churches are beginning their budgeting process for next year.  I want to encourage you to make sure that the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship is included in your congregation's ministry plan.
This can be accomplished in many ways.  Some churches make an annual gift.  Others offer a percentage of their offerings.  A few churches even pass along gifts from individuals in the congregation.
There are many important and worthy needs that churches address in their giving plans.  Make sure KBF is one of them.  More than ever before, we need the financial support of our churches and members to continue the significant work we are doing.  Talk to your finance committee, share what we are doing with your friends and pastor, encourage all of them to be engaged with the Kingdom work that is before us.
The funds that are committed to the KBF go to ministry in far flung places like Morocco as well as nearby at Extreme Build.  We support our churches and offer opportunities for growth and study.  Our funding together allows us to do ministry that none of us could accomplish separately.
In addition to making sure that KBF is in your church's budget, I want to also encourage you to make an individual gift.  If you are receiving this e-mail, you have had some contact with us in the past.  Your support will allow us to expand our ministry in the ways we discern God's leadership.
Your continuing contribution during our time of transition is vital.  We are positioning ourselves to follow new leadership and allowing them to come in to a financially strong organization will make it easier for them to dream dreams.  We continue to have many expenses with staff and support as well.
It is never fun to talk about money, but every once in a while, we need to remind you that your help is what makes KBF go.  Thank you for your support in the past.  Thank you for your support in the present.  And most of all, thank you for taking the time to consider your support for our future together.