"On the Road" with our KBF Interim Coordinator

by Chris Sanders,
KBF Interim Coordinator

Your Coordinating Council wants me on the road, so down the road I go. By the time you read this, I will have logged 4500 miles in the first three months. Now, I’ve traveled by car my whole career. I know Kentucky’s roads well. I know the exits by number, I know the landmarks, and I’m glad to be traveling. It isn’t a hardship- Kentucky is only as big as you think it is. Since distance isn’t a problem for me, don’t let it be a problem for you if you’re thinking of inviting me to come.  You decide when may fit your church schedule and I’ll make it work. My Sundays are full through the end of November, so call me so I can be around for your Advent and Christmas celebrations.   

I’ve been preaching! I’m a layman, so preaching is (ahem) a renewed skill, although rare is the lawyer who stands upright before people and opens his mouth with nothing to say. Thanks for your invitations. It’s been a great blessing to be in your pulpits to a bring a word in recent days.  

Road work is a two-way street, like conduit on the information superhighway. Churches hear a general report from me, and I get to carry back a little news as I go. I won’t do this justice with a mere sentence for each, but here goes, with hope that these snippets will encourage you to seek out more information with your own connections.

KBF Partner News & Prayer List:

- First Baptist, Morehead, is mourning the recent sad loss of amazing music minister, jazz professor Jay Flippin.

- First Baptist, Middlesboro, is celebrating their 125th year with a big vision for Appalachia in 2015.

- Latonia Baptist's has a tremendous ability to blend contemporary style with timeless message.

- Remember First Baptist, Corbin, as they search for a new senior pastor.

- Eminence Baptist celebrates Pastor Michael Duncan’s 35th year and their outsized community presence in Henry County.

- Calvary Baptist has an ambitious vision for missions locally and globally.
- Pray for CBF Field Personnel Scarlette Jasper’s vital work in South Central KY. 

- I'm excited about churches all over talking of their work with and love for Extreme Build, with energy and hope for years to come.

I’ll keep bringing back reports. Please call me to come your way.

Chris Sanders
(502) 558-6337 (cell)
jchrissanders@yahoo.com (email)