Report from January CBF Council Meeting


The CBF Councils met on January 8-9. Two Kentucky council members, Emily Hull McGee and Alice Mull, share their reports below. 

  1. Emily Hull McGee is the Minister to Young Adults at Highland Baptist Church in Louisville and serves on the CBF Ministries Council: 
  • In the January 8-9 meeting of the CBF Ministries Council, presenters Dave Odom (Executive Director, Leadership Education at Duke University) and Greg Jones (Senior Strategist for Leadership Education at Duke Divinity) set the tone for the two day meeting with a presentation called "Developing Strategy in the Midst of Change," exploring deep trends in global culture that directly impact churches and communities of people with whom CBF works. 
  • The Ministries Council spent several hours on Monday, January 8, learning about these deep trends, temptations of leadership, and how to lead with 'the end' (or the goal, the 'why') in mind. Odom and Jones suggested that in order for church and denominational leaders to lead faithfully with 'the end' in mind, they must lean into "traditioned innovation," or newness that is anchored and connected to the past. 
  • These ideas and strategies formed the structure on which the work of the Ministries Council began evolving. Ministries Council members and staff had identified five key focus areas or priorities of work – mapping relationships, curating resources, connecting networks, developing and deploying leaders, and funding ministries. Meeting attendees then spent time with each of these focus areas, naming concerns or ideas that arise within each and identifying people in CBF life that could speak to each area and be an asset to our larger Fellowship.
  • The Ministries Council will be planning and leading CBF's annual Leadership Institute that begins each General Assembly. This year's gathering in Atlanta will be on Wednesday, June 25, 1:00-4:30 p.m. More information about this gathering will be forthcoming!"


     2.  Alice Mull is a member of Living Faith Baptist Fellowship in Elizabethtown and serves on the CBF Missions  Council: