Releases Documentary on Prisons & Faith

throughthedoor.jpg has released a new documentary on prisons and faith – "Through the Door," a title that highlights the gate through which Christians walk to visit those in prison and from which emerge those whom Christians should welcome back into society. The documentary explores the initiatives of churches and faith-based organizations in Indiana, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Interviewees speak to the issues of prescription drug abuse, addiction, mental health, the role of religious volunteers and chaplains, and the often-overlooked stresses of prison officials. Stories of redemption and hope run through the documentary.

Two versions of the documentary appear on a single DVD: a short version (28 minutes) is designed for a public forum while a long version (53 minutes) is designed to be used in churches as a moral education resource over a four-week period.

A discussion guide with supplemental resources is available at the website, from which the documentary may also be ordered., a division of the Baptist Center for Ethics, serves as the imprimatur under which the documentaries are produced.