Called 2 Follow: A Youth Missions Weekend Reflection

by Sara Clarke, Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville

A couple of weeks ago, I loaded up the Buechel Park youth group in the church bus and we made our way to Georgetown, KY for the annual Youth Missions Weekend. Because we had been before, we generally knew what to expect: meaningful worship, time spent in fellowship with one another, and a day of mission work around the community. We were excited about the possibilities that lay with a weekend like this but this year we all got even more than we expected.

We couldn’t put our finger on exactly what was so powerful about this weekend. Perhaps it was the addition of the Bible study, which engaged us all in intentional conversation about what it means to follow Jesus. Maybe it was the mission sites, where we were able to connect and work alongside those from other youth groups and from the communities we served. My group was able to spend time talking with an employee of a men’s homeless shelter, who opened our eyes to the circumstances that the shelter dealt with on a daily basis. Our positive experience might have been due to the worship, which was structured to engage us through music, preaching, reading, and creative exercises. Whatever it was about this weekend, and I suspect that it was all of these things, we were deeply impacted by our time together. We grew closer to one another, deeper in spiritual thought, and outward as we extended willing hands in service.

I am so happy to have a network of people to put together an event like this. Thankfully, we have leaders who strive to connect our young people with worship, missions, and one another. My youth and I all hope for many more years of participating in the KBF Youth Missions Weekend.