Top 10 List: Why You Should Pre-Register for the KBF Spring Gathering!

by "An Old Guy Who Loves Technology"

10. Avoid standing in line to register.  Spend five minutes now, save ten minutes later. 
9. Question: Are you waiting to find a better deal? Answer: You won’t!
8. Reduce the risk of Josh Speight making a scene.  The real reason he’s moving to Georgia is that he hasn’t been able to get KBF folks to use technology.
7. When Josh Speight sees that a person such as yourself has actually used technology to preregister, he may reconsider & stay in KY (and an angel will get it’s wings).
6. Help our volunteers manning the welcome tables. If you preregister, you will avoid overwhelming these sweet volunteers who might just become not so sweet.
5. Have a flashy preprinted nametag, which could become a collector’s item. Avoid the humiliation of having a nametag-made-at-the-door (gross). Preregister now.
4. Make Pastor Bob Fox proud.  He’s declared this will be THE BEST MEETING EVER!  Are you going to ruin it by making everyone remember the long registration line?
3. Help us live up to our name. We call ourselves Cooperative Baptists.  How would it look if you DON’T cooperate?
2. Show Laura Barclay that KBF folks are smart enough to use technology. As KBF Communication & Networking Associate, welcome her by showing her you can use a computer.
1. Avoid a trip to night court.  An overzealous cop loves to park in the Broadway Baptist Church driveway. I saw him give his grandmother a ticket a few days ago. We cannot guarantee he won’t give citations to people who have not preregistered!

Register by clicking here!