Another 5 Reasons to Go!


5. Get-away trip with your spouse. What a good time to renew your relationship with your spouse through a spiritually uplifting weekend. And hey, if you don’t have a spouse, you might find one here! (Disclaimer: the above statement does not guarantee or imply that you will find a suitable spouse at this gathering).

4. Learn about interesting terms and abbreviations. 
Didn’t you always want to know the meaning of KBF, EEAM, KBWIM, BSK, Extreme Build, Mountain Hope and CBF? This year’s program book will have a glossary of terms that will make the meeting easy for newbies and OLDIES as well.

3. Visit Morocco...without leaving Kentucky. Volunteers from Highland Baptist Church will be creating a Moroccan Marketplace in Broadway Baptist Church. It will be like traveling to another country without having the hassle of ordering a passport!

2. Say Goodbye to Josh Speight.
This will be Josh’s last meeting as KBF’s Associate Coordinator of Missions. While we question his sanity—who would really want to trade Kentucky winters for Atlanta traffic—it’s time to let him go.  Don’t think of this as a celebration of his departure but rather, a celebration of his good work.
1. Attend the Spring Gathering and have something to tweet about or post on Facebook.Bob Fox, planner-in-chief of this year’s meeting claims this will be the BEST MEETING EVER!  By attending this year’s KBF Spring Gathering, you can check in with your Facebook friends and/or brag via Twitter that you’ve actually attended the BEST MEETING in the history of meetings!

Bonus Reason: Win Prizes! If our Networking & Communications Associate, Laura Barclay, sees you tweeting about the KBF Spring Gathering, you could win a prize!  Make sure to use the hashtag #KYBFSP and tweet @KYBF!

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