CBF Festival of Young Preachers

Who:  Open to all 14-28 year olds with a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship sponsor.

When: Thursday, June 26, and Friday June 27, 2014 at 1:30 and 2:45 p.m.

Where: Atlanta, GA / Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly Workshops

Why: Preaching matters and the worship of God requires our very best.  To this end the CBF, in partnership with the Academy of Preachers, seeks to inspire, network and encourage young people toward excellence in their call to gospel preaching.

Young Preacher’s Registration fee: $100 (paid by sponsoring church/ institution)/20% discount for AoP Partners and members.

  • 16 preaching slots will be available for registration beginning April 4, 2014.
  • Contact Wyndee Holbrook at wyndee@academyofpreachers.net for registration link.
  • Young Preachers must name a mentor and sponsoring body (church, school, etc.) to complete registration.  Mentor will introduce the Young Preacher at the Festival.
  • Each Festival hour will feature 4, 10 minute sermons by Young Preachers (YP) from these 3 categories: teen, college, and seminary.
  • Preaching theme and texts: http://academyofpreachers.net/festivals/2014-preaching-theme-story/
  • General Preaching Guidelines: (please note this Festival has a ten minute sermon limit): http://academyofpreachers.net/festivals/festival-preaching-guidelines/
  • Orientation/ networking breakfast provided for Young Preachers.  Mentors and CBF Fest Fans are welcome to attend by registering for the Networking Breakfast through CBF.
  • Each Young Preacher will be assigned a CBF Fest Fan who will meet with the YP and offer encouragement and feedback in addition to their mentor.
  • Each Young Preacher will receive professional, written sermon feedback.
  • Time provided for the YPs, mentors and fans to meet, talk and pray together.
  • Participants will be encouraged to meet and greet Young Preachers to offer encouragement and network for possible internship/job information.
  • A Festival program will be provided with adult Young Preachers’ contact information and their sponsoring institution.
  • AoP Partners 
  • AoP membership discount will be extended to Young Preachers who have preached in a National or Regional Festival.