Spring Gathering Recap: A Peek at the Future of Preaching

by Laura Edgar, student, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

“A Peek at the Future of Preaching” was led by Dr. Chuck Bugg. He offered participants in his session a bibliography of helpful resources for future reference. With an overview of the history of preaching, Dr. Bugg discussed how sermon styles developed from focusing on dogma to reason to narrative.

Referring to Augustine’s three primary tasks of proclamation: teaching, delighting, persuading, Dr. Bugg challenged us to consider what we preach, to whom we preach, and our method of preaching. We now have to preach as people who give witness to events, sharing the witness of Scripture and our own lives. As we preach, we need to take into account the skepticism of our listeners who want relational preaching, not argumentative preaching.

Finally, our method of preaching should be that of a testimony in that we make the biblical witness come alive to people. Dr. Bugg reminded us that there is no bag of tricks to reach certain age groups. We are simply called to preach with the authenticity that we can. Of course, ultimately we leave the results to the Spirit of God.