Spring Gathering Recap: BAM!

Keith Stillwell leads KBF Spring Gathering workshop about BAM!

Keith Stillwell leads KBF Spring Gathering workshop about BAM!

Kristopher Aaron, Minister of Church Growth, Deer Park Baptist Church

BAM!  It’s no longer just a caption from old episodes of Batman.  The Resources for Spiritual Formation breakout session gave resources specifically for Associate Ministers.  After addressing what spiritual formation is and how it can be done, the session focused on introducing BAM, the Bluegrass Associate Ministers network. 

BAM is both a peer learning group for Associate Ministers and an online resource.  While the peer learning group may be for those in central Kentucky, the online resource, bamky.org, allows the group to extend its reach.  As their new website states, “many churches are not large enough to support a large staff with full-time music, education, youth, children, senior adult, and mission ministers.”  The website seeks to help part-time ministers and lay leaders both by serving as a place where one can ask questions of his or her colleagues in the discussion forum and by also having a list of suggested resources. 

Are you looking for resources for adult Sunday School classes or adult Bible studies?  Are you working with children even though that may not be your specialty?  Are you looking for a new blog or thought-provoking article?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, then BAM and bamky.org might be just the place for you.