KBF Breakout at CBF General Assembly (A.K.A.: What Does the Fox Say?)

If you are attending the CBF General Assembly in Atlanta June 25 to 27, you will want to be sure and attend the KBF State Breakout.  We have some special surprise announcements and features that must, at this time, be kept under wraps.  Three of our very own people will speak for ten minutes each (monitors will ensure they don’t exceed their time limit). These speakers are:

  • Brittany Krebs, 2013 graduate of Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

  • John Inscore Essick, Professor at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky

  • Bob Fox, KBF Moderator and Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown

For those of us who don’t keep up with the latest trends, you might find it of interest that “What Does the Fox Say?” is an electronic dance song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duy Ylvis.  In fact, it was the top trending video of 2013 on YouTube. 

Attend our state breakout in Atlanta and discover what The Fox (Bob, our moderator, and other leaders) really says. Regarding the recent Spring Gathering, The Fox, brashly claimed it could the greatest meeting ever.  And now he says that he will make a special announcement in Atlanta at the KBF state breakout that, in his words, “may finally put an end to the worship wars.” He asks,  “Will KBF ever be the same again?”  

What will The Fox say next? Come to the KBF State breakout and be the first to find out--and his message may even be set to a catchy beat!

Here are a few more details:

KBF State Breakout at General Assembly in Atlanta

Date: Thursday, June 25, 2014

Time: 4:14 to 5:15, Room: Hanover E


Speakers: Britanny Krebs, John Inscore Essick, Bob Fox

Format: 10 minutes for each speaker. Q and A at end of the presentations, time allowing. Similar to a TED talk plus a few surprises!