A Message from KBF Moderator Bob Fox

Having received notice of John Lepper's retirement from his position as coordinator of KBF on June 30, I wanted to take this opportunity as Moderator to address the KBF.
Some of us have organizational minds and our questions about the retirement are about process.  At our most recent Spring Gathering, the Coordinating Council approved and the KBF body affirmed a succession policy that gives us specific guidance for this situation.  The Administrative Work Group and Executive Committee of our fellowship will meet to develop a transition plan that will address both continuing day to day operations and the process of going forward.  This plan will be presented to the Coordinating Council for their approval.
Others of us are more relational and our questions are about the people.  John has served us for the past 16 years and really has become synonymous with KBF.  Be assured that there will be a special time of recognition and appreciation announced in coming days for those of us who wish to express our thanks in person for John's leadership.  We do currently have two other employees who will be asked to continue their good work in the transition.  Kristin Belcher will be running the office and Laura Barclay will work with communications and maintaining our missions commitments.  We have the benefit of two very talented folks as they step up in the interim.
Still others are more focused on the emotions that they are experiencing upon hearing the news.  There is certainly sadness and grief with any change.  Things will not be the same and the future lies over the horizon.  We need to embrace the past, but make sure that it does not become a prison.  Our past makes us who we are today which is why we celebrate it, but too much looking backward can keep us from being relevant to the ever changing world around us.  The future is where God is calling us.
And, being a fellowship of Christians, some of us think in theological terms.  The scripture is full of transition times for God's people:  Between Noah getting on the Ark and getting off, between Egypt and the promised land, between Moses and Joshua, between the cross and the resurrection, between the resurrection and the church.  These times were never easy, but through all of them, God's people were being formed.  And at the end of all of them was a new day of hope and God's promise.  That is my prayer for KBF--let us use this between time to remember who and whose we are that we might be ready to enter into God's future for us.
Please know that if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions during our transition that I will gladly receive them.  You can e-mail me at 
bob@familyoffaith.net or call or text me at 859-229-0586.
I have never been more convinced that our world is in need of the voice of progressive Baptists than now.  Our compassionate mission, theological relevance, and commitment to spiritual formation are gifts that we have to offer.  Let us gird up in this between time to continue our work and prepare ourselves for God's future.
Today, I ask you to pray.  Pray for KBF.  Pray for John and Connie.  Pray for Laura and Kristin. Pray for those who will make the decisions that will shape KBF for years to come.  Pray in thanksgiving for what God is doing in and through our fellowship.