Being a Two-Faced People

by Bob Fox, KBF Moderator

Nobody likes two-faced people.  So it was a surprise to me when I saw a commercial for a financial firm that featured a two-faced emblem.  I'd alwaysfelt that some bankers talked out of both sides of their mouth, but an emblem that so clearly implied a bifurcated personality seemed to me more forthright than prudent.

I later learned that the two-faced figure was a god from Roman mythology.  His name was Janus and he was the god of transitions.  The god of beginnings and endings.  He had two faces so that he could face both the past and the future.  In fact, our month January, the ending of one year and the beginning of another is named for him.

I feel like Janus.  One of my primary roles with KBF has ended.  The spring gathering has come and gone.  As moderator-elect, it was my pleasure to receive the inspiration and help from a wide constituency of our Fellowship in the planning and implementation of our meeting.  It was truly a great meeting just from the contributions and participation of so many people.  When you get the outstanding folks of our Fellowship together it can be nothing less than a blessing.

I particularly want to thank the planning committee who worked so hard to make it happen.  None of it would have happened without Seth Hix, Mark Howell, Alice Mull, David Platt and Susan Reed.  What a meeting it was with Suzii Paynter and Karen Thomas Smith in leading roles.
It is tempting to look back and take a satisfied sigh and rest.  The problem is that the completion of my term as moderator-elect means that my term as moderator has begun.  Now I am consumed with capturing the momentum of the past and turning it into something exciting for the future.  Janus has me in his unrelenting stares.

Here's the good news.  In a series of meeting with a variety of Fellowship folks, I have been able to put together something that will uniquely capture our gifts to strengthen our churches and our fellowship during the coming year.  I am so excited about what is coming up and what we will be doing together that I almost can't contain myself and want to tell you now--but I did say almost.
You will want to be a part of the announcement and the activities and discussions that will draw us all closer together in the coming year.  I can't encourage you strongly enough to be at our state meeting at CBF in Atlanta.  There, our breakout will be unlike any other we have had, and unlike anything any other state organization will do.  If you are unable to attend, there will be clear and broad communication of our new idea in coming weeks, so you won't miss anything--but there is nothing like hearing and experiencing it first!

So, I guess you can say that I'm a little two-faced as I begin my service. And from where I am sitting, that is not such a bad thing!